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. and for comparison sake, president george w. bush fell from 72% approval in 2002 post-9/11 to 39% by the same point in his second term. and for the first time in the survey, the president's positive/negative rating is actually upside down 41% to 45%. but public opinion for the gop also sinking to an all time low, just 2 2% see that party positively. bomb al poll also shows republicans and the tea party took more blame for the shutdown than did the president or the democrats. the nsa is denying a new report out of italy this time that claims the agency spied on one of the world's most secretive institutions. italian magazine reporting the agency spied on cardinals at the v the vatican during the conclave. surveillance allegedly included phone calls to and from the guest house where pope francis still stays today. the nsa also facing accusations of secretly tapping in to google and yahoo! data centers across the world. tactics would sweep up the information of millions of american users, google and yahoo! both say they had no knowledge the nsa accessed their data centers. let's go to business news ri
president attended a world series game. president george w. bush threw out the first pitch of the world series game in new york. an amazing strike pitch at that time. congratulations to today's winner ben goodman. the yankees lost that world series in fenway. send your guesses to we'll be right back. >>> on this halloween our new poll shows that october has been a pretty scary month for everyone in washington, but one of the president's longtime advisers says the white house doesn't need to be fearful just yet. >> chuck, when you've been around long enough you've been through ups and downs. i went through the oil leak when people were saying this is obama's katrina and what you learn is what the poll proves again. if you have a couple of horrendous weeks the numbers will go down and the question is what do you do? one, they have to get the website going and quickly and the other is i think the president, i know the president is very much knocking heads around that building. i think people need to see some of that in public. they need to see some energy and edge that i'm sure
, and be quiet. mark thiessen is a former speech writer for president george w. bush. now a vast majority can keep it and for the pesky 5% that keep complaining, just enjoy obama care. why do you keep complaining? >> the vast majority. he didn't say the vast majority in 2009. he said if you like your plan, you get to keep it, no matter what, period. this wu an exercise in dishonesty and revisionist history. do you remember george w. bush's famous 16 words on iraq? barack obama has 16 words he needs to answer for. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. those 16 words, he lied us into obama care. >> you feel this was no accident? i know you believe it was a lie. >> yes. >> you believe it was intentional, designed because they knew all along that this is going to happen in the market and they needed it. >> absolutely. he almost admitted it. he said today, quote, if you are getting one of the letters, cancellation letters, just join obama care. first of all, you can't because the website doesn't work. if you could, that was their plan all along. the pro
in texas. it says -- 2000ll the turmoil in the election that ultimately led to george w. bush becoming president instead of al gore. as a country we need to take vital steps to ensure the integrity of elections. the first step is to ensure that legally ableo are to vote vote. that is a student newspaper. writes "i'd say the war on women would include calling them to stupid to keep an id to vote." another comment "all that necessary application can be expensive." and "isn't there a federal law that trumps these voter id laws?" lauren williams? questions.any in that baylor editorial, i think the writer said -- meaning to reinforce or create more faith in the system, i think step one of that would be to fact check people when they say voter fraud is rampant. there is really not a reason for , becauseot have faith voter fraud is not rampant. as calling women to stupid to hit their id updated, as a , it is a lot of work to get all your information changed. it actually is in some ways confusing when you think about you have to have your name on it that you have to change. it certainly is not
campaigns and matt political director of george w. bush. how are you doing, gentle. matt, liberal legacy on the line. krauthammer puts the bar that high, what do you think? >> it is hard to disagree with charles. it is a policy that swallowed a presidency. everything that the obama care looms over the president so and he's at a tipping point for his own key policy initiative. it is not just whether the website works or doesn't work, it is people are able to shop? can they keep the coverage and do they finally get better health care? right now obama care is on display and the american people are troubled. >> joe, just to be clear, krauthammer is not saying it is president obama's legacy. this would make people turn away from the american liberalism because it proves big government doesn't work. is he overstating it? >> i don't think he is in the sense of health care. democrats are trying to get health care since harry trumman called for it 70 years ago. so, if it does self destruct, there is no doubt it will set back a key liberal cause i am sure for a decade but it will impact. on the ot
to say that george w. bush was all hat and no cattle. i think that could apply to chris christie as well. >> you isolate barbara buono in that debate. sound like she should be scoring points? >> the problem is no one really watched it. >> ah. there is that. okay. >> her challenge the whole time. polls that came out this week, shows there are still 30%, 35% new jersey voters don't know enough about her to form a solid opinion about her. so for all that, she has been out on the campaign trail. trying to make her points. and going on the debate. being aggressive with the governor. his staff whether the campaign side or the governor's office they're skilled at creating the narratives. pull. ing them out through social media. youtube videos. he talks over the news media. he is able to go right around us, go right to his constituents. where we might be presenting a more objective version, one rooted in the facts. such as increases, spending increases, tolls are up. property taxes are up. rebates have been cut. the narrative out of his office that everybody is listening to, sandy or generic lea
is not immediately visible. >> rose: right. >> and they are not yearning for a degree of george w. bush again but they would like some element of this is where we want to go and this is the way we can do it. >> i think you are right. i think it is concern about american intro version, american apathy, american lack of engagement is a bigger concern than not listen to us. >> you want people to listen to you, and there is always leader will whine about that, but the bigger and broader concern is that the u.s., which the world relies on the u.s., everybody relies on the u.s., the u.s. is unwilling both in national security or geopolitical arena and in the economic arena, is not a, as focused as it might be on things of the rest of the world. >> rose: what is the most surprising thing you heard at this conference when you had all of these smart people talk something. >> one is, i did two pans focused a lot on europe, priefg optimism, people very up beat about europe, i was very surprised about that. the second was a lecture from alan greenspan and he argued that the reason firms are not investing
and founder and a former clinton campaign adviser, and brad blackman, former assistant to president george w. bush. so, the bad apples. it's not the administration, it's not kathleen sebelius, it's the insurance companies who put together these plans that now are not up to snuff? >> well, what the president said was correct, is that there were in this individual market, which is about 15 million people in it, many of those insurance plans really don't cover very much at all, and people think they have more protection than they really do. what the aca does is creates a new floor. and in every case where someone's plan is being canceled, they are being offered, you know, a new plan by the same insurer. these are not cancellation in some ways is not really the right term. that plan is being terminated, new plans are being offered and they have options to go on the exchange. >> but you make it sound like it's automatically the exact same plan, and if it was -- >> no, no, i'm not implying that at all. >> if it was, why is it being canceled? >> no, i'm not implying that at all. and people who have
%. that is down from 52% in our poll in january. it's approaching, according to the pollsters, president george w. bush's territory. he went from a high of 75% in 2001 to 39% at this same point in his second term. but if the president's numbers are bad, the numbers for the republicans are worse. the image of the republican party hit another all-time low. just 22% see the gop positively. 53% view the party negatively. nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker joins us. kristen, the president was in massachusetts yesterday discussing the health care rollout and his optimism for the process and ultimately what the american people who are uninsured will get in the end here. today the pivot was to the economy as well. >> reporter: right. and white house press secretary jay carney emphasized you're going to hear the president continue to talk about the economy while they try to troubleshoot given this rocky rollout of the president's health care website. i think, tamron, in terms of what you're seeing in those numbers that you just mapped out in our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, i
at the local gang of 14 got out of the judicial nominations standoff when george w. bush was meant said this was an extraordinary circumstance, which was always the exception that senators to sign onto the the gang of 14 deal allowed themselves. it's tough to see what the next deal might look like. >> host: viewers can follow on twittering reid reporting of niels lesniewski at >> guest: thank you. >> the homeland security held a committee at the washington navy yard that left 13 dead. oklahoma senator tom coburn questioned witnesses and people with security clearances who also have tax problems. here's a look. >> so what is the answer? one of the answers has to be, doing the job that we do better, one. number two, the other has to be using data that is available. you know, the form -- this form, for 20 bucks you can get 90% of the information on the internet. it's in this war. we pay 2400 bucks for a top-secret clearance. is that right? it's about what we pay. it's about $2400. >> for a top-secret, it's more than not. it's a little over 4000. >> 4000. what do we pay? >> ab
in the bill clinton administration or the george w. bush administration, second term you loss the people who got you to the dance to begin with. >> i think what the president has is a lot of people who have been there all along, who are exhausted, physically, emotionally. these jobs are very, very difficult, wolf. some presidents decide, you know what, i'm going to bring in new blood, get some outsiders in here, so i can have somebody who looks at things differently. what we've seen in this president is he goes for his own comfort level and he promotes people, he's already comfortable with, so he may be missing that outside counsel that some presidents bring in in the second term the president's speaking in washington, promoting foreign investments in the united states to create american jobs. >> american exports and american workers. i've been to many of your countries and i've said when we do business together and when we trade and forge new partnerships, it's good for all of us. i want more american products being sold in your countries. i want your companies investing more here in the un
just a few. and in 2004, the george w. bush campaign staff used halloween to mock their opponent john kerry who had famously gone duck hunting just a week before. that means that ted cruz who went pheasant hunting last weekend should also be fair game. after all, he's the face scaring a lot of trick or treaters this year. >>> up next, rand paul was caught plagiarizing wikipedia by rachel maddow. now he's attacking her for catching him. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cash card from capital one, i get 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally someone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! wthto fight chronic.t? osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to tak
for president george w. bush nicole wallace is in new york and msnbc political analyst and visiting professor at nyu, former democratic congressman, harold ford jr. and in washington "new york times" reporter jeremy peters. >> thank you all for coming in. now we'll go back to talking about baseball. we got some stuff to talk about. we got the president obviously his approval ratings are lower. we were here to see the president. >> on location. >> health care reform. only reason we're here. also kathleen sebelius gave testimony yesterday. it was interesting. >> it was. the problems with the health care roll out along with trouble surrounding the irs, syria and nsa have left president obama with an approval rating of an all time low. a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll finds 42% approve of the job he's doing as president. that's down ten points from when he started his second term. right now 51% disapprove. for the first time in the survey the president's positive/negative rating is upside down, 45% to 41%. public pinto the gop has sunk to a new low. 22% see the party in a positive light.
he doesn't go any lower. george w. bush in the mid to upper 30s, presidents nixon during watergate same thing. obama's level a little bit higher, he is sort of a historic figure first black president, that might be built into it. 42% is a danger zone for any president. very tough to come back. connell: he will say he wasn't lying about that. very aggressive in speech in boston. you think that will be the taxi takes saying you guys, people who are talking about it, people like us and others, you're misrepresenting what i really said. taken out of context. you think that is the taxi will continue to take? >> i think he will. it is not about the details or really the truth. for him it is about the fundamental transformation of america of which obamacare was the central pillar. for him it is all about the bigger picture and the details. the american public, and this is the big problem for him, the american public don't like to be lied to by their leaders. if you have a president who is lying at it is not directly affecting the public's like bill clinton when he was impeached, people pe
's dynastic dads like george h.w. bush or prescott bush or joe kennedy or the fathers that color the inspirational family stories so common on the campaign trail. ted cruz's dad, pastor rafael cruz is of the latter variety, staple of the tea party favorite stump speech and is the texas senator's personal symbol of the american dream. what do you do as a politician when your dad says something like this. >> we need to send barack obama back to chicago. i'd like to send him back to kenya. >> back to kenya? what? a spokesman for senator cruz told mother jones magazine, the left-leaning magazine that broke the story, quote, these selective quotes taken out of context mischaracterize the substance of pastor cruz's message. pastor cruz does not speak for the senator. joining me now to talk about it, "new york times" op-ed columnist ross douthat, tracy seffel and writer for the atlantic, molly ball. ross, first of all, i think it's fair to say we all have dads and we all have moms and maybe they don't always represent what we actually think. but pastor cruz is a big part of senator cruz
eisenhower. that was a knock on him and calvin coolidge and george h.w. bush. when they were accused of micromanaging like jimmy carter or being out of the loop, bystanders to their own presidency. back in the panel we're joined now by david gergen who has worked with presidents both republican and democrat since the nixon administration. what do you make of this? is he a bystander president? >> i think he has a management style that does not lend itself to vigorous governing. he's a first class individual. he's a moral man. i worked for nixon. we don't always have that. give him a lot of credit for that. i give him credit for passing a health care bill. seven presidents try and failed. he got it passed. it's become a triumph and a tragedy with what's happening with it. where i think, anderson, he is much much better at campaigning. he ran a superb two campaigns. very well run. very well administered. the awe of the country in both cases. yet he doesn't run the government well. >> what is that? is it just a completely different exercise? >> very different exercise with very different
. they don't want you to mention george w. bush. he gave us record deficits and have taken a while to dig out and people understand that obama inherited a bunch of problems. we have been patient with him trying to rebuild sxwr we a. >> we are talking about obama care. this has nothing to do with president bush, this is this president. >> why his numbers have been high despite some of the problems. i agree with you right now. this glitchy rollout has been harmful to him with people who like him and i think the overly broad assurances where he says nobody is going to suffer, we're only going to have winners under obama care. not one single loser. that is an overly broad assurance and it has come back to bite him and he now has problems with people who actually like him who are feeling frustrated. >> it is earlier you brought up the notion of the self-inflicted issues. some something we were watching last night david gergen four-time working in the white house david gergen here made this observation. let's roll it. >> i think they came in thinking that the white house was essentially a political
of like katrina was for george w. bush. i'm not comparing them, obviously, people died in that storm, but i don't think that president bush was ever viewed quite the same way after he did the whole heck of a job brownie thing in the fifth year of his presidency. and there's a dangerous here for this president who's now down in the polls that his image could be indelibly changed by this much more critical media coverage of these problems. martha: yeah, you know, it's very interesting to watch democrats, howard, talking about this issue. and in some ways, you know, you see some democrats pulling away from this president. they're trying to secure their own re-election prospects in their own communities and come up with plan that might pacify people a little bit, and you look down the road and wonder are his supporters starting to kind of pull away? are they starting to turn the wagons away from him in a way that will stick? and i wonder, you know, how long it takes to kind of figure that out. is it the next election cycle? is that very significant in terms of how much this sticks to him
calling bush a liar, george w. bush and he just kept saying, keep repeating that, keep repeating that until everybody just keeps calling him a liar. i'd like to ask david corn when he's going to start calling this president a liar because so many things, you know, benghazi, the n.s.a., the i.r.s., and now this whole health care bill is such a farce. it is a joke. guest: can you tell me what the president lied about when it comes to benghazi? caller: the first thing, we don't know what he was doing. guest: no, we're talking about lying. you said the president was lying about benghazi. can you give an example? caller: everybody covers for him. he doesn't have to answer for anything. all he ever does, he's out campaigning all the time and he's supposed to be a president. i'd like to ask you, why is he a president? he doesn't lead. he doesn't do anything. all he does is go out there and agitate people. he's a community agitator. he has divided this country and we don't want anything part of your leftist progressive views. host: let's give him a chance to respond. guest: well, i don't
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)